Thursday, March 3, 2011

The next stage of life...


Apparently my posts on this blog are haphazard and come at random times, but I guess life can be haphazard and random...
Anyway, on to the real reason I am posting today: a personal update.
For those who are interested (and even those who aren't, I suppose), here is the latest and greatest:
I finally finished my bachelor's at GC this past semester, (I am now officially a college graduate, and have been since December) and I applied and got accepted to Asbury Seminary to begin my M.Div this Fall. I am both excited and scared at the same time, but I know that many good things will come from it.
Also, I will be starting a Saturday night service at our Church beginning in the fall as well. It will, essentially be its own "church" in the sense that the people serving will be different from those who serve on Sunday mornings, and our target group of people are different as well.
My idea for this church is to have continuous music going throughout the entire service. Whether this is hymns, praise music, instrumental, etc. will more than likely all be used.
My sermons will be expository, and I will be using the Lectionary as a guide, not only for preaching, but also for the worship service.
I plan on preaching both biblical and topical sermons, with an emphasis on discipleship, and connecting it to real-life issues that people in this town experience.
Here is my other reason for posting this: I am hoping for some feedback.
I want the worship experience to be creative, using a variety of mediums to creatively engage in worship. (Please be aware that when I use the term "worship" I am not simply referring to music, I mean worship as a whole- experiencing God in a worship service)
I know that music, sermon, and the sacraments will be central aspects of this service, but as far as the "secondary" things- " (use of icons, liturgical prayers, art, etc.) I am not sure what and how often to use those things.
Anyone who is willing to share some of their worship experiences, (as far as what took place, style of music, length of service, etc) with me, please feel free to do so. I am trying to gather ideas to see what else is out there.
Also, if anyone has ideas for creative mediums that I could use in the service would be helpful as well.

Grace and Peace,


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